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Kathryn Rebecca Campbell
United States
if only the purple stuff didnt obscure vivi's memory, and arthur realized that skeleton was lewis. loki reminds me of asgore. dark spyro reminds me of endermen. i love freddy fazbear. i love ghosts, the twilight series, along with the actual sunset, fluffiness, foxes, skys, gaming, ivy, and cats. the cheetahs from dotd, and the lions from tlk, are so similar! they both have crossed noses! i hate how when ppl teach kids about adaptations, they always use deserts. i love cryptids and caramel. hardcore lion king fan. i hate how banzai has omnivore teeth in house of mouse when he's clearly a hyena. spyro's horns, and the spiral shaped spike on the tip of his tail, reminds me of the poles on a marry go round. vathek looks like tanari, alpha toothless, and mega charizard x. DOGS ARE JUST FIRM CATS!!!! i honestly prefer dotd crystals, over anb crystals. shadow apes look like wither skeletons. i have a spyro obsession. he is rad. find the dragon inside you. cynder and spyro rock. they legitimately are the best. u may think i'm new to da, but actually, i've been stalking ppl in the shadows for 15 YEARS! the only reason y ppl never knew about my existence was bc i never had an account. y did i make an account? well, i got tired of not being able to comment. lions are supposed to have manes to appeal to the ladies? funny, because i actually think that its the LIONESSES that are WAY prettier. i love boars. how mufasa is simba's idol, reminds me of how ignitus is spyro's idol. salandit and salazzle look like roxy. the red death looks like alphys and a ceratopsian. lewis looks like underlust papyrus. they also look like skull man. skull man looks like sans, whereas skullman.exe looks like papyrus. i love bubbles. i love climbing rocks. one simple bin of trash. also, a randomized user as well. harpoons are better than spoons. i love animals, especially sharks and reptiles, most notably dinosaurs and dragons. i love gore, sharp teeth/fangs, and viscous things. silvally looks like a dialga, palkia, and samurott fusion. it also looks like a griffin. golisopod looks minty. papyrus sounds like a duck. when u finally see aiden, i hate how it teases u. echo looks like the phone guy and gaster. the delta rune and the better triforce look similar. idk y, but i grow even more emotionally attached to characters when they grow. i.e. "the lion king" and "bambi." i like slushies. charaxsans reminds me of sammyxthe murderer. minecraft dogs look like the dreemurr family. rockruff looks like an eevee. big mouth looks like the plant from "little shop of horrors". ghasts are like gaster blasters. if only zira knew the truth. so, before it was confirmed that michael was a human, there was this theory that he was an animatronic. now, i'm not sure if that person who made the michael animatronic hoax video actually believed in that theory. also, the thing i find strange about the children (excluding sammy) and william, is that, y would the children want revenge on william if he didn't even kill them? he only killed sammy, not the others. that was michael. maybe sammy asked for help or something, i don't really know, but i just find it strange to want to go after someone who did nothing to u. not that i have a foot fetish though, but i honestly prefer animal feet over human feet. human feet are just ugly nasties. i hate how fuli has omnivore teeth, when she's actually a cheetah. the same thing for carolina panthers. in sad fan art, its sad when sans has to explain a joke. it just so explains how upset he is. i hate it when ppl try to confuse me to see how smart i am. i also hate it when unnaturally funny ppl try to be funny. you're just making a fool out of yourself. for some reason, i think all the human souls in undertale are female. it might have to do with me thinking frisk is female. when shooting an arrow in minecraft, if only it were 100% accurate. the super albino llama badge looks like paps. night at the museum reminds me of fnaf. i hate hot chocolate. ok, well, i did some research and these are the theories: 1. sans, pap, and gaster were naturally born skeletons (if he is one). 2. sans, papyrus, and gaster died in the war and decomposed but were resurrected using necromatic spells and or Demonic Energy alone. now, following this theory, the reason y they have monster souls is bc the necromatic spells and or the demonic energy gave them monster souls bc they were coming back to life and bc they ran out of human souls 'cause they were killed. this would explain y they still use he/him pronouns as if they were still alive. this would also explain y they wear clothes. bc despite being dead, it is still a social construct and is considered the norm. although, maybe they just wear clothes bc they still have the feeling of modesty despite being dead, since they were originally humans. now that the theories are over, i want to give u some more information. if gaster wanted them to be created rather than born, (just like how robots are created but not born) they would not be able to reproduce bc in order to reproduce, u have to be born, not created, like a robot. or maybe they can summon in reproductive organs. i mean, if they can summon in gaster blasters, it would be plausible that they can summon those in as well. now, if gaster, sans, and papyrus were humans, but their reproductive organs decomposed when they died, but they were brought back to life as monsters bc they ran out of human forms, they would not be able to reproduce bc their reproductive organs decomposed before they were brought back to life. ooor maybe someone, or, some PEOPLE necromanced them, before they got decomposed. unless, someone, or, some PEOPLE in this case, gave them reproductive organs at the same time of necromancy, before necromancy, or after necromancy. also, about the theory if sans, papyrus, and gaster have tongues and stomachs (no, this is not undertum. this is just in general), we need to follow the war theory, where they were resurrected before their tongues and stomachs decomposed. or maybe they can summon them in. oooor, that their stomachs and tongues DID decompose, but they were given an additional set before necromancy, after necromancy, or at the time of being necromanced. oooor maybe normal skeletons already have stomachs and tongues? i mean, if they have eyes, it would be plausible that they have stomachs and tongues as well. gupta and the hyena with the literal xylobone are so similar! they both play instruments made of bones! i find it adorable when rabbits pop their foot. how lewis wants revenge on arthur reminds me of how the children want revenge on the pink guy. if only lewis knew the truth, and the children knew the truth. delphox and salazzle are so similar! their first evolutions are always feral! salandit looks like a baby ender dragon, whereas salazzle looks like an adult ender dragon. in minecraft fan art, i like how the only things that are blocky are the heads. it really gives a new meaning to "blockhead". when im in bed, i love it when its storming outside. i like to listen to the thunder and see the lightning flash. its soothing. i also love to see passing cars by my window at night. and hear the train. i hate slow beatboxing. it sounds like smacking. i honestly prefer female pyroars, bc the males, they just look too....loud. bonnie looks like a teletubby. i hate bananas. ''Forget about your worries and your strife'' from the song the bear necessities reminds me of hakuna matata. gideon looks like kaltag. its funny how most animals in zootopia have human eyes. even if an art, video, or music piece has something innaccurate, i still love it nonetheless. my fav girl scout cookies are thin mints. mememe reminds me of this… this… and this… how the screenshots are orange in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night DS version, reminds me of how the screenshots are orange in undertale. some of the scenes in the wii version remind me of undertale too. i like cheese sticks. at the near end of Mystery skulls -Magic Animatic, when he summons in a monster, it reminds me of when a demon was summoned during a ouij trial. sometimes, wrong things, can be summoned. idk y, but shiromori sounds familiar to me. the jumpscare at the end of ghost being fast and short reminds me of the jumpscare from ignited freddy in TJoC: R. the gaster follower 2 reminds me of withered bonnie holding his mask. i hate nsfw. in hopes and dreams at 0:20, that's the determination charger. trolls reminds me of smurfs. i like how poketale sans talks, he's like ragweed, he talks different from everybody. alphys looks like a ceratopsian. i like cgi, but i don't mind traditional animations. when ppl see a clownfish and think of nemo, its sad that marlin and coral dont get any respect. i like it when civilized animals show their primal instincts whether faking or not (i.e. zootopia, madagascar, and We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story). when civilized animals show their primal instincts, whether faking or not, it reminds me of transforming into a werewolf. im scared of thunder. the legend of spyro: dawn of the dragon reminds me of ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs. chara looks like smiley. mettaton ex draculaura, markiplier, underlust paps, roxy, and lewis. so does t mobile. my favorite skittle brand is very berry. the only undertale au i dont like is underlust. the only character in underlust i like is mettaton bc he's not a slut. based on someones drawing, i can usually tell whether they think mangle is male or not. the same thing with funtime foxy, along with chara and frisk. i have my own time capsule, its a treasure box and its in my room. I like hoarding my toys bc they are my other time capsule. basically I have 2 time capsules. when it comes to hair brushing, the right side of my head is the most sensitive. idk y. whenever i eat firm red grapes, my nose becomes runny. i think its because of the sweetness. just like how i think its the sweetness that causes my right eye to twitch whenever i eat nerds. i hate bacon and spicy foods. ever since i saw the titanic, i've been scared of cruise ships since. i find ppl who say they are kin to n/a, ridicules. u cant be kin to that. however, u can PRETEND though. that, im fine with. i wish u could make comments on tumblr. i wish that u could post comments anonymously instead of making an account. the slime of a black sea hare is your hair gel. my fav type of vore (if its soft vore) is when it is tight, not full of space, and has no liquid. and no, i am not talking about slime. when u get vored and need to escape, my advice, to go back to the mouth and out, without going out the anus, bc that ***** gross. that's what i do, even though its never happened to me. now, even though i like vore, (if its not tight, then i don't like it. or if it just has liquid) liking vore sexually? that's just plain messed up. the only reason y i played undertale is bc i finally got sick of seeing it all over the internet and decided to give in. i do not regret it. at all. whenever someone says something is ''gay'', i can't tell if they're saying its unimpressive or if its actually homosexual. fossil fighters is about elemental dinos. i love firm red grapes and tiny blackberries. whenever im swimming and become tired, when there's no footing, for some reason, i get less exhausted and i become better at swimming when i'm underwater, than on the surface. ryan looks like jack. for some reason, i see aiden as an older brother even though he's the same age as her. i wish i could see flashbacks like jodie. its like a dream. u see what's happening but u can't do anything about it, like a movie dream. its creepy when ppl die with their eyes open. i hate mechanical pencils. men with ponytails remind me of michael. sometimes i headbang so much, my headphones fall off. painted bats look like halloween bats irl. the minecraft server BadLion looks like ahadi. minions look like mutated corn. lucius and asriel are so alike. they're too cute to be evil! i dont play pre alphas and demos, i wait for the final games to come out. rainbow christmas trees look better than yellow christmas trees. lucius looks like sammy. I honestly thought fnaf was real when i played it when it first came out, until i saw this vid,… if only it was real. i wish dragons would appear everywhere, not just china. the more i see them in china, the more sad and jealous i become. my videos lag so much, that when they're not lagging, i have to move my computer mouse to make sure its not lagging. sometimes when i'm looking up something, it takes so long that i forget what to look up and i'm staring at my keyboard or screen like ''uuuh''. i love mazes. flamethrowers remind me of dragons. southern accents make me cringe. i think the scariest thing about something horror related is if it took place in real life history 0_0 my favorite motorcycle is a Harley. my favorite water brand is Dasani. i love interactive videos. whenever i listen to, play, or hear Wildest Dreams, i think of all the male characters i love. i think giga bowser is the best out of all the other bowsers out there. i love dipping strawberries into sugar. i love bookfairs. i love popping bubble wrap. when dogs sniff each others butts, it reminds me of the human centipede. i like white light bulbs better than yellow light bulbs. i love face painting. cold breaths look like your soul is leaving your body. i hate claymations. The Great Wall of China was not built to protect the Chinese states and empires against the raids and invasions of the various nomadic groups of the Eurasian Steppe, it was to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. i love brownies. pokemon is about elemental animals. i hate pineapples. i hate cookies. i love ninjas and samurais. when submitting art, the amount of comments does not matter, only the amount of views matter. i hate peppermint. i hate butter. my fav subject is science and i do not have a least fav subject. i love dead trees. i love cats, and dogs. i love chocolate cupcakes and chocolate cake. i hate peanut butter and jelly. i love zip lines. mud is natural sunscreen, not man made sunscreen. applesauce is not made from squashing apples, its made from feeding a cassowary a whole entire apple, the apple then gets digested, the cassowary then defecates out the applesauce, and then the applesauce is ready for sale. even though humans have the most complex brain out of any other animal, there is no such thing as the ''smartest animal'' bc all animals are smart in their own ways. i prefer movies over books. my fav pizza is cheese pizza. i love climbing trees. i love caves, holes, and burrows. i like milk chocolate, not dark chocolate. i hate peanuts and other nuts. i love pop up books. i hate dancing. i love the smell of rain. i love destroying ant piles. sing is a zootopia ripoff. storks is a jungle book ripoff. terraria is a minecraft ripoff. i do not wear clothes made out of animals. the city of Zootopia looks like the emerald city from oz the great and powerful. i hate deciding. i hate milk and only love chocolate milk. i hate smores. i'm allergic to nothing. i hate donuts. i hate secrets. undertale should have ended by getting the lesser dog, bringing it to the area where you fall into the mountain, climb on its head, and start petting it until u get to the top of the mountain and go home. my fav drawing site is dragoart. i only joined da to look at ppl's art, not to upload any. that's the reason why I have nothing in my gallery. i hate spicy food. i love making google drive presentations. i like hoarding all my toys in my room, even though I don't play with them anymore. i'm scared of insects. i'm scared of elevators and i don't trust them bc I see videos of ppl getting trapped in them (note: i was never scared of elevators until i saw the videos). i love rainbows. my fav music is heavy metal. my least fav book is fiction and my favorite type of book is nonfiction. just like how male lions have manes, the hair on our heads are our mane. my astrological sign is a virgo. I hate fruit-roll-ups. i love ferrets, and pegasuses. i am not gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender, genderless, nor both genders. i am just a normal female. i'm scared of police and i don't trust them. i trusted them before i saw the videos. i hate tacos. my favorite kind of art is lineless art. i am christian. i first fell in love with heavy metal when I heard the song ''Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become''. now, how i was introduced to the song remains a mystery, as i cannot remember. i wish i could though. the only thing ik is that it was a utube video i saw on my ipad, before i had a computer. it's also a werewolf song. Skillet - Monster is also a werewolf song. whenever i want to listen to relaxation music, i always choose wolf relaxation music. i only have one sibling. he is my brother. i have pierced ears but I stopped wearing earrings because i got too many ear infections. my ears are okay now. my favorite hobby is swimming and fishing. my favorite type of ice cream is chocolate. i hate sandwiches. i hate salads. i have been on a plane. i have skipped school only when necessary. my favorite type of pie is chicken pop pie. all the other pies I hate. i hate sodas because when i drink them, it literally feels like my tongue is on fire. i do not participate in clubs and contests. i am a white person. i was born with high functioning autism. i wish i didn't have autism though. my favorite color is blue. i'm not sure y though, but it might have something to do with my birthstone, which is a sapphire. i was born on September 6, 2002. i have no idea why i have watchers, and get llamas, bc i don't even have any art. wait a second, is the reason y ppl give me watches and llamas bc i have enough courage to do the things i do? and say the things i say? bc i just corrected somebody, and they immediately just gave me a llama! what did i do?! no but seriously, i really think ppl give me llamas and watches bc i have enough courage to do the things i do. my mom said that everyone likes me on facebook, bc they dont have the courage that i have, which could possibly be the reason y ppl give me watches and llamas, bc they wished they had the courage i have


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MaximumDisrespect Featured By Owner Edited May 13, 2017  Hobbyist
Alright, I'm just going to say this, but I don't want to be mean.

Has it ever occurred to you that not every Undertale drawing has to look exactly as it does in the game?

Seriously, it doesn't matter if someone draws Sans' jacket with a lighter shade of blue or if Someone get's Papyrus' symbol wrong. That's how people draw things. If everyone drew the characters exactly as they appear in the game, things would get boring pretty fast because they would all look the same.

On deviantart, people have the right to draw things differently. You don't seem to realize that.

As much as I try not to get as angry at you as most people do, I can't help but feel my heart rate increase whenever I see your quote unquote "corrections".

I'm sorry if I was too mean, I just wanted to get that off of my chest.
Slushieiscool360 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you need art on your thing and youve had this for 1 year and i had have it for 5 months and have ;lots of art
ANIMEGURL02 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017
no i dont
Slushieiscool360 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It woild be nice to see your art style
ANIMEGURL02 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 27, 2017
yeah, then i would be finally able to see what my art style would look like, then i would be able to compare it to others works, and see how it differentiates. but nah, id just rather see ppls art, then do my own :)
Foxofnope Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Student Digital Artist
if i had a dollar for every time i saw a comment from you i would have a lot of money
ANIMEGURL02 Featured By Owner May 5, 2017
also, u would have WAY more money than u think u would
ANIMEGURL02 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017
u act like its a bad thing
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